Being a first-time buyer is very exciting! My friendly yet professional personality will put you at ease as I answer any questions you may have about buying your first home, while demystifying the real estate market. For a complimentary copy of my guide to buying the right home in Toronto please click here.


One of the first steps to take when considering the purchase of a property is your budget - what do you have to work with? Not sure? Try crunching some numbers on the mortgage calculator below. If you need help finding a mortgage broker who can aid in the pre-approval process and provide you with the best rate, please do not hesitate to contact me


As the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto is a diverse and vibrant city with many unique and distinct pockets. Having moved from Vancouver, I understand the needs and concerns of buyers relocating to Toronto. Whether it be a central location, proximity to good schools, sense of community or anything in between, I can help you find your ideal home in the best neighbourhood for your needs.


Toronto is booming – just count the cranes! Approximately 89,500 people moved to Toronto in the past year, causing real estate values to increase substantially. This has created tremendous opportunities for those investing in residential real estate. Neighbourhoods have gentrified, new condo developments have sprung up as some communities seem to have transformed overnight. Whether you are purchasing pre-sale condos to be used as rentals, looking for a property with a mortgage helper or simply trying to buy a single family home in an area with the greatest upside, I can help you navigate this growth to make wise investment decisions.


Renovations are one of my favourite aspects of real estate. Taking a home and transforming it into a functional and personal property is a rewarding experience, both for the owner and myself. Furthermore, I love working with investors wishing to transform a space through modern updates and additions to help them realize the best return. With years of experience and multiple projects successfully completed, please contact me if you are looking for a property to renovate.



Finding the right home can seem daunting. Let me help. Get my complimentary Home Buyer's Guide to finding the right property in Toronto, complete with a valuable home comparison tool, a breakdown of closing costs and more.

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